For the future public Museum


10 reasons why you have to give me all your money:

  • I made over 100 engineering models at my own expenses
  • I made unique, extremely popular, workable Perpetual Motion Machines
  • De facto, my channel’s comments section is a biggest science forum
  • Finding hidden sources of energy you feel yourself smarter and happier
  • I trick people that wants to be tricked but this costs them nothing
  • Visiting comments section you can improve your coarse language
  • At least, 1 of 100 of yous visits Wiki after watching my videos
  • After reading Wiki you want to come back to school
  • I teach people to ask questions, in the contrary of answering questions
  • Building models, your children put gaming controllers aside for awhile
  • My head is full of Ideas that requires a funding
  • I never sell free energy devices to gullible people, though I could

10 reasons why you don’t have to give me a penny:

  • You forced me to spend all my money for materials but it doesn’t work
  • You deceive gullible people
  • You waste my precious time
  • It’s stressful to read comments to your videos
  • You promised to pay my electricity bills, but you didn’t
  • You placed electric motors everywhere and I’m tired to look for them
  • My neighbors are against the Idea to build giant wheel in their backyard
  • I don’t want free energy, I want to work for the rest of my life
  • I’m trying to unsubscribe every day to subscribe again at night. I cannot sleep
  • I’m afraid he becomes a millionaire while I’m not
  • He can build 10k machines for our money. This could be the End of Days

OK, Guys, honestly, my basement is full of models. No more rooms! Help me to rent a public facility to Establish the Museum of the History of Engineering

That’s all, Thank you

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